Sunday, December 30, 2007

41 degrees and lots of breeze

Unlike Molly, who tells great stories of winters in Nebraska, I never thought I would willingly go out in, let alone work in, 41 degree weather! So much for nevers... here I am with Bob filling in around the footings of the house...progress.

And while we are working in front, Molly and Shannon are building block walls!

After hand hauling all the roofing up to the garage last November, Emily and Matthew are gratefully watching the conveyor belt delivery of our house roofing materials. Matt and our Christmas angels, Aaron and Russell, offload it.

This is Aaron, our first Christmas angel....

And this is Russell, our second Christmas angel.

Emily and Matthew install our first window!!! Oh how they wish they were inside a completely windowed house looking out! Brrrr. With the test window done, the front picture window is next.

See how clean our working trailer looks? See the pan warming on the cook top? Nona came up to save us from ourselves in this trailer; working on the house is all we can do. Cooking warm, yummy meals and keeping our trailer clean is appreciated! Here, Nona is taking refuge from the icy day in the warmth of the trailer.

So our family project is daily looking more like a house. Keep us in your thoughts as we push hard this month to get this house "wrapped."

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feminist_mom said...

wow you californians are very hearty....... your roof angels came just in time and the windows look great... back to packing for snow land in CO with two angels from CA meeting us in Estes park our favorite place on the planet. love to all the folks keeping the fires burning in CA, maureen