Sunday, September 20, 2009

crossing things off the list

It was a great weekend for getting things done in Julian--three days of hard work!

Friday, Matt and I met Dad in the mountains; he worked on the kitchen island and his beautiful cabinets, and Matt and I did odd jobs. I guess we worked so hard Friday that there aren't many pictures--except this one of Matt, finishing the shower tiling that night. (I figured we could use some more Matt-working-late-into-the-night shots on the blog...)
Saturday, Matt R. and Emily came up, and so did Mom, Dad and Nona. Mom got to work doing paint touch-ups, including some bits next to the loft/stair railing. We also needed to take care of some places where paint overspray got onto the wood.

Matt R and Emily worked on the ceiling fan installation stills, starting with the bedrooms. Here, Matt's touching up the paint on the homemade downrods we rigged up. (Grandpa would be proud--it was much cheaper than store bought!)
Here, they show off their fine work. And they only need minor adjustment (due to structural limitations, not installation error).
Matt and I took care of assorted tasks, including starting laying hardiboard for the kitchen counters, cutting out a notch for the stove, cleaning up some wood that needs to be lacquered and putting up outlet covers.
Dad's cabinets are beautiful, and he spent the day installing the bar counter and the cabinet back.
Here's our work crew for the day, hiding behind such a lovely kitchen island. :)
Finished with the bedrooms, Matt R and Emily turned to the ceiling fans for the big room. Which are much bigger. Nona supervised as they assembled.
Sunday, Phil joined Matt, Emily and Mom--here, he helped unload the range. It's getting serious now: there are appliances.
Emily and Matt worked at hanging the first fan in the big room, only to discover that we really need to put the light trim up first. But they look good on the scaffolding, no?
And the fans are pretty excellent against the ceiling.
Phil took on the task of hanging hardiboard in the upstairs bath.
And Mom finished putting grout in the downstairs shower.
A few more items crossed of the list!