Saturday, October 24, 2009

practicing for halloween?

So, not really meaning to work on costume possibilities for Halloween, I discovered a great way to turn your hair gray: cut lots of granite on a wet saw. Be sure the water sprays your head. Don't rinse, repeat. Mom took this pic of Matt and I at the end of the day, as we ate a feast at Nona's house.
But don't worry: besides coloring hair, we also crossed a few more things-to-do off our list today, on a beautiful fall day in the mountians. (Mom ventured into town for a quick trip to the hardware store, remembering, as she looked for a parking spot, that many people like to come to Julian in the fall. Most of them want to eat pie in town...)

Matt worked at perfecting his lacquer spraying skills, adding finish to the beautiful upper cabinets that Dad built. Now they're ready to hang.Emily and I worked on the kitchen countertops, cutting all the pieces for the island and around the sink. Even the tricky angles. (Okay, Matt helped with the tricky cutting, until we got our skills built up more...)

Here, Emily shows off the beautiful layout. It's gonna look good--if we can ever get it to fit perfectly when we lay it in the grout!
Nona supervised, cleaned and read.
Phil and Shan hung all 5 interior doors. Now it's much nicer to use the functioning bathroom. More discrete, for sure.
And here's my stunning look from earlier in the day: a trash bag bib and pink sunglasses as protective eyewear. It's important to stay dry and be safe when using a wet saw.