Friday, October 03, 2008

how'd it get to be fall?

This summer has been a slow one for progress on our project, but, as you can see, Dad's notebook is open...
He and I made a trip up the mountain today, to bring another load of trash down and to meet with someone who's going to help us with the plumbing rough-in.  

Here's my view of the pile of wood we left in the green-recycling area of the landfill.  We only barely made it in before closing time--the shut the gate behind us.  I'm thinking this pile of wood (including the last of the plywood forms from concrete work!!) looks awfully good in the mirror.  As we pull away.
I had some extra time today, waiting for the plumbing help, and played with my new camera and some of the little bits around the house.  I think shims look pretty cool.
One of the happiest moments of the day, though, was when the black water tank in our trailer emptied into the septic tank.  We had a bit of a clog.  Now, there's hope for the trailer--that it can once again be a refuge and not a trauma...
We went up the hill last week, too--for clean-up and weed clearing.  My parents were in town, so they joined in on the fun.
It's not every tourist who gets a trip to the county landfill on his visit.  (The moms and I went to the Julian Apple Festival instead.)
Here's our little work crew for the day, on our front porch.  Which happens to be a pretty nice place to sit, even on a hot day.
Doesn't the house and garage look good?
Here's my view from inside.  I got into the corner to catch as much of it as possible.  I'm thinking it could be fun to try to track the progress from there.  :)