Friday, April 04, 2008

in living color

Check it out: the house is painted!  It looks beautiful--the siding and stonework are all done, and (except for the door) the paint is, too.
It looks lovely, and complete.  Like this house is a very real possibility.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us get to this point.  It feels really good.  Maybe today is a good time to remember where we were just a year ago.  Or more
The back was is particularly stunning--it looks great in the afternoon sun.
Roger and Larry, who have been working on the house, are definitely the stand-around-and-look-at-it-all-while-having-a-beer-and-talking kind of guys, so they seemed fine with our stop by for a look-around.
I think the little rectangles for vents are particularly nice bits of the stonework.  See:
We watered the little apple trees, too; they have more signs of growth.
Some of Nona's old daffodils were blooming on the west edge of the property.  The looked good in the sun.
And, though we still have a ways to go with our yucky, full septic tank, we heard some movement when we tried emptying it today.  Not all that we might have hopeful for, but it was something.  We added more enzymes, and will hope for even more next time!  (Note to those with trailers: empty your tank regularly.  A full, stopped-up waste tank is really, really gross.)
We also stopped by Jerry's, who has had our HVAC system for 3 years now, waiting to install.  They were glad to see us.  ;)  And, plan to start work installing the system next week!
The weirdest thing we saw, though, was this remote control weed trimmer, which we passed on the way to Jerry's.  It turns out there really are professional applications of skills gained playing with RC cars...
Of course, there's still lots of work to do (like, um, plumbing, and electrical work, and interior walls and ceiling and flooring, for example), but I'm very happy tonight, basking in what's already been done.  :)