Monday, June 12, 2006

a solid foundation

It's been over a year since we got our building permit (and, then, we thought that took a long time...), and we're hopeful that the foundation is well on its way. This week, we hope to pour around the permeter of the garage. It's exciting to watch the house begin to finally bear obvious signs of being, well, a "house."

Our energy for the project comes because of the old house--and how it was home to so many treasured memories. This new house bears those, plus so many hopes for the future...

We've been working up there since November 2003, first just caring for the land and dreaming, and then beginning work. Clearing, chipping...

We got our building permit on March 4, 2005. (See, it sounds hopeful and forward-moving: "march forth!") Tonya and Ward agreed to work for us for 6 months, as builders. In that time, we faced a number of setbacks and slowdowns... but we DID get a lot of groundwork done. Literally. Grading, buried pipes, holes for footings, rebar.

In January, when Matt was home from Iraq for leave, we pour our first concrete in those holes. (A bold demonstration of craziness: five trucks of concrete for people who'd never done such a thing...) The spring rains came, and we were free from worried visions of mud-pools swimming in rebar and sweeping our dreams down the hill.

Now, Matt's home for good, and we're ready to launch into work. We (er, I...) think it'll be fun to blog about it--and maybe it'll keep us in touch with all the good people who might continue to come help us on occasion. ;)

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karen said...

Ryan and I will bring lunch again, but it won't be soup in the summer.

And, if you need something done other than stomping a pile of dirt, I can come up on a Friday without the dirt-stomping, almost-five-year-old.