Wednesday, August 22, 2007

three cheers for dad

While the rest of us have been heading back to work (or to Army responsibilities), Dad has been hard at work on the house. Steadily working away (sometimes with Mom's help in the days before school started), he's finished the second floor walls and nearly finished the first of the big, tall, 2-story wall sections. And he started the back wall. Cool stuff.

So, in his honor, I thought we should post a few pics I took when I stopped by the house today. (I was just passing through on a church errand...)

Here's Dad where I found him, packing up for the day.
Here he is as he shows me the first 2x6s that will become the back wall, all bolted onto the steel beams.

Thanks, Dad!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

lifting, hauling, hammering, hanging!

All in a day's work...

"I think we can, I know we can...WE CAN"

There is a whole lot of hauling going on! What would we do without good, good friends. Molly is trying to keep everyone in step, "Left, right, left, right, swing wide, forward march..."

It's in!!! Your first adventure with building a house!

It's really all about measuring for the miles of blocking

And so it goes up at the Julian Adventure in Building a Home.

the view from the second floor

Here's where we were when we started work last Saturday; Matt and Dad had gotten many of the joist hung for the second floor. But, that *large* pile of lumber was still looming in the distance...

After much lumber pile unstacking and hauling, we got some of the plywood that'll be the second floor up there. Matt R hauled a whole lot, but still looks happy, eh? (The view's not bad from the second floor, either!)
In mid-afternoon, we took a break for some salsa and chips on the second floor. Our first meal upstairs, I suppose...
Emily and Jen were gluing and nailing the plywood, so it's good to see them enjoying the floor, too. :)
We also put some of the sheathing on the front of the house. (If you look closely, you can see the second story floor, too!)

Since this picture, Matt, Phil and Dad finished the floor (yesterday), and are up again today working on the second story walls. It'll be fun to see them!