Saturday, February 16, 2008

unexpected snow

Unexpected snow came to the mountains this Thursday--and left more ice and snow on the road than any of us remembers.

Matt, Dad and I drove up Friday.  Here's Lake Cuyamaca in the snow.

The lake is growing from this winter's rain and snow--it looks good.

By the end of the day, the roads were getting crowded with SoCal folks out for a little snow adventure.  This family was loading up a truck full.
The snow went all the way down toward the desert--you can see it on the flat part of Banner Grade (to the left).  The view was clear--all the way to the Salton Sea (on the right in the distance).
I don't think we've show a picture of the front door, but here's one: of Dad shoveling the front porch.
We needed to put some siding boards out by the street, so they can be exchanged for others.  Matt and Dad built a little platform for them, away from the snow.
And, increasingly, away from the mud.  The snow was melting quick--it was warm in the sunshine!
I, however, avoided such difficult work.  Instead, I built a snow-builder, hoping this addition to our crew might get some work done on our behalf.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

a long while and a long ladder

It's perhaps only marginally fair that my first post after a long break would feature pictures of Emily and me...we haven't been the ones working up there the most. 

BUT, the last time we were up there, we went up tall, tall ladders.  And just wanted you to see.

We were working on making sure the nailing was good on all the plywood sheathing on the house, before our shear wall inspection.  Which, happily, we've since passed.

We're also more confidently sure that hiring someone else to put the housewrap and siding on is a fabulous idea.  ;)
Since that day, Dad has been working lots, on the plumbing and more--making sure all the holes that need to poke through the house get poked through before we put siding on.  (Vents and such.) 

It's exciting to see the house all closed in and window-ed up.  Isn't the kitchen window lovely?