Saturday, February 02, 2008

a long while and a long ladder

It's perhaps only marginally fair that my first post after a long break would feature pictures of Emily and me...we haven't been the ones working up there the most. 

BUT, the last time we were up there, we went up tall, tall ladders.  And just wanted you to see.

We were working on making sure the nailing was good on all the plywood sheathing on the house, before our shear wall inspection.  Which, happily, we've since passed.

We're also more confidently sure that hiring someone else to put the housewrap and siding on is a fabulous idea.  ;)
Since that day, Dad has been working lots, on the plumbing and more--making sure all the holes that need to poke through the house get poked through before we put siding on.  (Vents and such.) 

It's exciting to see the house all closed in and window-ed up.  Isn't the kitchen window lovely?

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