Saturday, February 16, 2008

unexpected snow

Unexpected snow came to the mountains this Thursday--and left more ice and snow on the road than any of us remembers.

Matt, Dad and I drove up Friday.  Here's Lake Cuyamaca in the snow.

The lake is growing from this winter's rain and snow--it looks good.

By the end of the day, the roads were getting crowded with SoCal folks out for a little snow adventure.  This family was loading up a truck full.
The snow went all the way down toward the desert--you can see it on the flat part of Banner Grade (to the left).  The view was clear--all the way to the Salton Sea (on the right in the distance).
I don't think we've show a picture of the front door, but here's one: of Dad shoveling the front porch.
We needed to put some siding boards out by the street, so they can be exchanged for others.  Matt and Dad built a little platform for them, away from the snow.
And, increasingly, away from the mud.  The snow was melting quick--it was warm in the sunshine!
I, however, avoided such difficult work.  Instead, I built a snow-builder, hoping this addition to our crew might get some work done on our behalf.

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