Saturday, July 28, 2007

wall-raising work

We hope you enjoy this little film, made from a bunch of photos Matt took between Wednesday and the end of Friday, in chronological order. (Sort of a flip-book for this millenium?)

Big things happened this week, including the construction of all the bits of the first floor that are under a second floor, and the lifting of some darn big beams that will support the second floor.

Thanks for all the good work, everyone!

(Our Aunt Ann and Cousin Sarah got to help, too, though you have to look really closely to catch them in the video... SO, I added a still shot to make it easier.) ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

sweet, sweet milestones

With hawks soaring under sunny skies, and thunder clouds rolling through, we finished that big, floor and raised the first wall! As Shannon would say, "Whoo Hoo!" Thanks to Andrew for gooood friendship! Dad, Phil, and Matt even enjoyed the first dinner IN Sweet Home Cuyamaca (just trying out names...)!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a big week

I'm writing from San Diego, as walls are goin' up in the house.

This week, Matt and Phil and staying up in Julian to get some serious work done. Mom and Dad are going up there, too. The rest of us are stuck at work... (on those pesky jobs that pay the bills).

Last night, Matt said they'd finished the floor, and were building the first wall--the lower half of the north end of the west wall.

Who knows what's done by now!

Anyhow, just in case anyone's checking in on our work this week, I thought I'd give the tip-off that things are happening.

And, of course, if you're looking for something good to do with a day, you'd be most welcome. I'm headed up on Friday. Wanna come? ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

some floor to stand on

It was beautiful in Julian today--warm, but with clouds passing by through the day, and a nice breeze to keep us cooler.

Dad and Matt worked to get the last joists and rim board in place, on the pointy end of the house.
We put Mom to work, too--it's not every day she gets to use the power tools and break a sweat...

She bolted the beams that will support the second floor into place.

And, she laid all the adhesive that will keep the floor from squeeking. We nailed nearly half the floor sheathing into place.
Doesn't it look swell? There's enough floor to dance now...

Now that the floor's partly down, I have a new suggestion for the name of the house: Treehouse II. It feels like you're in the treetops when you're at the house level! (And, of course, it sits next to Treehouse I, where small Parker children learned some of the building skills that they're using now...)

Other name suggestions, from way back, include:
Little Haven (which sounds a bit like Littlehale, and carries the hopes that one day we can go up to the mountains for a bit of haven-like relaxation...)
Sweet Home Cuyamacas (for obvious reasons)
Starwood in Julian (a tribute to John Denver)
and, last, but not least...
The House that Jack Didn't Build (Lots of Others Did)

Votes, anyone?