Monday, April 25, 2011

little changes

Wow--it's been almost a year since I updated the blog! I guess we've been enjoying the house more than telling everyone about it. ;)

And it has been fun. We had an open house on Memorial Day weekend, celebrating the house being finished, and lots of friends (most of whom had been a part of the building process!) celebrated with us.

At Thanksgiving, we gathered around a big table with family and friends.
And, this spring, we got to start sharing the house with Matt and my new baby, Jonah. Here he is on a visit to Julian, with his first in-the-room exposure to power tools, as his dad finishes up replacing the baseboard on the wall behind the pellet stove.
More recently, we took care of one pesky little problem: a light bulb that was stuck in its fixture, jammed in so we couldn't get it down without climbing up the 26' to the ceiling, in the middle of the big room. It took 5 people holding the ladder...
...and one brave ladder climber. But now all the lights are working, no one has to dread climbing back up. At least for now.

There are lots of little project remaining, always, but more of the formidable tasks are done. Matt even cleaned out the garage--bringing down and selling things we don't need and hauling out the trash. And, for fun, he planted a bunch of hops plants behind the garage, for future homebrew fun.

We've started renting the house out as a vacation home, on You can visit the site here. It seems like our first renters have enjoyed the home almost as much as we do.