Saturday, March 01, 2008

outward progress

It's looking good up in Julian, as the folks we hired to put up siding are hard at work.  And, the guy who's putting the rocks around the bottom level of the house has started making a pile to work from.  Here's our current pile of Julian schist, waiting to be adhered to the house.
The front is mostly done, and looks great--and the lower parts of side #1 are done, too.  I think it makes the house look a whole lot bigger.  We (Mom and Dad, Phil, Matt and I) stopped by the house after a hike, on our last whole day together before Matt's deployment.  It was good to see how the house is moving along.
Here's Mom, surveying the action (well, really, the discussion going on amongst the guys).
Matt ordered some apple trees to plant on the property; they came in last week, and so we thought a swell last project before deployment would be planting them.  We look forward to seeing how tall they are when he's back!  (Though, I should add, it's totally okay if he gets sent home before they've had much chance to grow.)  I wonder how long it will be before we get to taste the apples: Gala, Fuji, Delicious, William's Pride and Cripps Pink (which, Wikipedia tells me, is also known as Pink Lady, should you want to avoid apples that sound oddly like gang colors).
With all the little trees planted, we took a bit of time inside, to enjoy how good things look.  Thanks to everyone who's been helping--it looks really wonderful.
Now, it can be time for more of the plumbing fun Dad started, and wiring, too...

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