Thursday, January 10, 2008

windows on the world

Tonight, I can cross off one of the items on my list of "Things We Need to do That Scare Me":
the big windows are installed on the back wall of the house.

We took advantage of some extra help today, and lifted them into place.  ("We" is used with some privilege.  I just took pictures and tried to remain calm.  When I went to the Julian hardware store to buy more staples today, the total came to $6.66.  The saleswoman assured me that this was only a problem for people who are superstitious.  She said that even after I told her that the staples were part of an effort to hang really big, heavy windows up high on a house.)

Don't they look glorious?

For context, I thought I'd throw in this shot of the effort to carry the kitchen garden window from the garage--it both marks the labors of carrying all those windows from the garage, and shows off the roofing and the landscaping...  The dirt is still in place, even after 6-8 inches of rain over the weekend.  This is a very good thing.  I threw the rest of the wildflower seed we had down on our new dirt, hoping it will continue to hold in place for a good long while!
Here's the window-hanging team, putting window #5 into place. 
Now the big, heavy french doors...but that's for another day.  ;)

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feminist_mom said...

stupendous windows...... truly a window to the world outdoors for all seasons...... you have been busy since getting back from CO too..... we are on a roll here too but mostly projects that are not visible at this point...... peace and love from NE and CO recently, mom