Friday, December 14, 2007

a little closer to a roof...

With the hard news of an upcoming redeployment to Iraq for Matt, we've launched into getting that roof on with a vengeance...

We hired some help from a local contractor for the past few days, as well as from a neighbor who happened by, and we're pretty much ready for a roof now, after today.  All the rafters--even the tricky ones over the back end of the house--are ready.  The plywood for the roof is on the second floor, and things are lookin' good.

Dad and I put some of the thick plywood we'd used for concrete forms on the back deck rafters, as a temporary deck.  It's swell out there.  And now it's much easier to reach the back of the house!
Josh came up today, too, and did a bunch of good things, including finally bolting some of the walls together.  He's good with a router, as it turns out.

We enjoyed some soup with meatballs from Matt's deer today--it's good to share warm things on this chilly days!  Thankfully, the sun warmed us, and the wind was still.
So, thanks to Dad and Emily and Josh, plus Aaron and Kyle and Ted.  We'll go up again next on Wednesday, after Matt's finals are over!!

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