Sunday, November 12, 2006

up on the rooftop, again

Matt, Mom, Dad and I went up again this weekend, and finished (!) the sheathing on the rooftop. So, we're (hopefully) ready for inspection when we get a chance. We also worked at putting more of the fascia up. Again, I realize that I'm not of value for my sheer strength.

I'm glad Dad was there to lift those boards with Matt!

On the way home, I was noticing all the very nice-looking houses that have MUCH smaller fascia boards. ;)


karen said...

Congrats on finishing the roof!

This post sent me back a year in time to the last time you were awaiting an inspection, and it's amazing what a difference a year makes. (You've come a long way from dirt stomping!)

Nevertheless, my Julian prayers continue.

I am so glad for you and Matt that you are working on the Julian house together.

If you're finished with the roof does that mean you don't need lunch the day after Thanksgiving?

molly said...

"Finished with the roof" would be sort of an exaggeration. In fact, what's commonly called "roofing" is all still to come. So, we'll certainly be hungry that Friday. :)

In addition, Matt says he has some jobs for Ryan to do. So you would be MOST welcome. On Friday OR Saturday. Or just about anytime.