Monday, November 20, 2006

thanksgivings' progress

House building is slow going when you're doing it yourself. So, I thought it might be fun to measure our progress in bigger intervals. How 'bout in "Thanksgivings"?

Here's Thanksgiving 2004--back before we had a building permit, when we were still just dreaming about design options. We went up the hill to dig access to the septic tank, as I recall, and had our Thanksgiving leftovers as a picnic. You can see, as we eat from the road, that the spot where the garage is now was totally empty...

These 2 pics are from Thanksgiving 2005--when we were anxious about being ready for concrete, and were moving dirt around. The garage pad was just potential back then. (Well, potential and a lot of rebar.)

Ryan looked smaller, too.

I'm looking forward to adding this year's vision!

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