Monday, November 27, 2006

a garage!

This Thanksgiving weekend, we had an extra celebration: a toast to the garage, which is mostly done! Now, we get to take a break 'til after we all go to Hawaii in January. :)

Everyone, including some good friends, worked hard this weekend, putting shingles on the roof, finishing the fascia, installing windows and doors, and moving the contents of the storage container into the new garage. (A real garage!)

Karen and Ryan the Builder brought tasty lunch to give us energy. :)

Jay added shingles, moved windows, put down tar paper, and did just about everything!

Emily and Dad wired the garage, so it's all 'lectrified, and everything...

Here's the garage, as night sets in on Julian.

My most fun of the weekend, though, was a just-before-closing visit to Home Depot on Friday; we left the boys in the wood shop and took ourselves to get the 1/2 ton of shingles we'd need to finish. Shan had to resort to climbing up shelving to get attention, and it took 3 people to push the cart when it was laden with all those shingles, but we made it. :)

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