Monday, October 30, 2006

filling in the holes in the roof

The fall colors in Julian are getting even more beautiful. I can't wait 'til we can perch inside and gaze out at this view...

We did a bit more work this past weekend, but realized how necessary it is to have enough wood when you're trying to cover a whole roof...we ended up short, by 3 sheets of plywood. Except for a few gaps on the other side, we're nearly done with the sheathing, though, and we made some good progress on the fascia along the edge. Though it may not be readily apparent, it was quite an accomplishment for us to get those boards up. I discovered (yet again) that my gift to contribute to this project is NOT brute strength. Wood can be darn heavy, and roofs are, well, high in the air.

So thank God for ladders and the holding power of just one nail. I'm glad Emily's quick with that nail gun!

In other news, and for good chuckles when look back one day, I thought I'd include just a small reminder of how much less-than-ideal the trailer fridge is. When it works, it works WELL. This time, it made lots of things explode, and even left us a small frozen rock of Coca-cola. Good times.

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