Sunday, May 09, 2010

Movin' on up!

Yesterday was a big and beautiful day. It seemed really special that on Mother's Day weekend, and on Nona and Grandpa's wedding anniversary we were finally able to move furniture into the house.

We started at Matt and my place, loading some stuff we had here, and moved on to Nona's, where most of the furniture and things we purchased (so many years ago!) with insurance money were stored. It was a tight fit, but with all the cars and trucks pictured here full, we were able to get everything up the hill.
(We learned a lesson, too: watch what you set under a van you're loading. We trapped our cooler under the sagging weight of the truck. Luckily, neighbor Gary loaned us his jack so we didn't have to drag it up the mountain...)

Up the hill, we started the fun process of unloading all the pieces. We fit quite a lot of stuff into that truck.
All of it made it down the steep little hill and into the house. (Okay, we might have broken one plate in the moving process, but the big pieces were all in place...)
Everything made it inside, too, even the big heavy pieces like the fridge and the wood stove.
Emily and Nona worked hard at getting the kitchen in order. Josh and Matt R. put electronics together. Matt P and I put some pictures up and I made the beds. Lea hung curtains. Shan organized the bathrooms. Mom and Dad reclaimed a storage rack from the garage. Phil and Dad took down plastic that was still hanging in high-up windows. Everyone hauled lots of things, put things in order and worked hard.
And, then, we shared a lovely evening of relaxation in our beautiful house! Nona made us an incredible Italian feast (lovingly reheated in the microwave, since we don't yet have our final power hook-up...).
I thought it was kinda fun that we had to use a card table add-on for our first meal at the dining room table. This is a house that's been built by a gracious community of extended family and friends!
After dinner, there was a game of Cranium in the living room...
...and a movie in the front room...
...and we celebrated Matt R's birthday with Nona's homemade apple goodness, ice cream and trick candles. (Mom says its all they had at the store... Really, we weren't TRYING to pick on him.)
And at the end of the day, the dishwasher did most of the dishes for us.

We're looking forward to sharing many more days in the house, and are grateful for everyone who's helped. It'll be fun to use, together!


eshams said...

What a great day -- Congratulations to all! It looks like a family's home/way station/creativity incubator!

feminist_mom said...

love the card table add on and the smell of the apple dessert and italian feast! I am headed to look for plexiglass a must for our ANAC art .. no glass! i hope i can go see the show going up wed afternoon june 9.. doing checking for a trip to fremont that afternoon in Lincoln?