Saturday, May 15, 2010

Done enough

Yesterday, we discovered that the house is done enough for the neighbors to come and admire it. Matt and I were glad to welcome some long-time neighbors in to check it out--especially Bob, who's been dealing with significant health issues and hasn't been around much. He approved of the house--and shook Matt's hand to show it. :)
We worked on the little tasks that remain--moving a few more things up, arranging things, touching up details, doing some landscaping stuff. I discovered that it's much more pleasant to do all this with an almost-finished house. 'Cause there's a fridge to cool your drinks and nice couches to take breaks on...

There are still a few big pieces remaining; the power has yet to be connected. Apparently, the right form didn't get filed after last week's inspection. The new plan is a Monday morning inspection check-off, and line installation on Thursday. Also, on Wednesday, the good folks from Jerry's Heating will come to do the last bits on our HVAC system.

Mom and Dad created some lovely quilt hangers this weekend, so we can hang quilts to decorate the big room. I made some pillows for the family room. Matt, Emily, Phil and Shan are up there today, taking care of more things. More and more little pieces will come together.

I have to say, these little details are way more fun that the early details: like rebar dimensions and footing depth. It's a joy to be in the house, and we look forward to using and sharing it even more.

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