Friday, May 07, 2010

like an archeological dig

Having passed final inspection, we called to get our power connected. Only to discover that we never started the proper process for electrical connection--something we ought to have done five years ago.

All of which has meant digging--to show the planner and the inspector the power line conduit we laid long, long ago. And which meant figuring out where it was buried, so very long ago. And lots of digging.

Also, there seems to be some different of opinion about the proper side of the power pole for a conduit to come up on; I remember that we had to move it to a different side five years ago. And Matt says we've moved it twice since then. North, east, whatever. Here's hoping no one else has other opinions.

But, now, having now passed through the planner and inspector, paid the bill for our power hookup, there now remain just 2 more pieces: a final, pre-installation visit from the inspector on Tuesday, and line installing on Wednesday. Here's hoping...

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