Sunday, March 14, 2010

some crappy work

Lucky for me, I was away this weekend, while Matt was digging to the (overflowing) septic tank. Here he is bailing it out a bit. Crappy, eh?
Some quite nice things happened, too, though, including one most visible through absence: check out the yard without a trailer parked in it! Thanks to neighbors Bob and Eric, who shared 4wd and expertise to make it possible to get it up the hill to the road.
Here's the trailer, which Matt towed down the hill to Nona's driveway, where it'll get a little (much-needed) TLC.

Dad helped with lots of projects--including plenty of workshop time at home during the week, getting cabinet doors, drawer fronts and trim pieces ready. Here he is straightening out a 3-way switch that was just a little mixed up.

Matt went up again on Sunday, when the weather was more pleasant, and made good use of the space freed up by moving the trailer! Here, it's home to a new painting spot, for the last interior door.

Then, he continued to clean the garage, heartened by Mom's good work the day before. He built a clever rack for lumber and containing a bit of our mess.
Looks quite organized, no? Perhaps even like the kind of garage you could park a car in!
Ah, yes. It works.
Nicely done, all!

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