Sunday, February 14, 2010


The big job this past weekend: finishing the wood floor.

Matt and I went up on Friday to do our last bits of sanding and prep work, put down the sanding sealer, and get the first coat of polyurethane down. If you look closely here, you can see the reflection of Matt in the left window, as he puts the finish down. :)We finished the first coats on the floor, admiring how good the oak looks with a clear coat on top!
On Saturday, Mom and Emily came up with us, to sand and add another coat of polyurethane, and to do a bunch of other jobs. Now, the electrical box is well-labeled, the wall patch in the bathroom is repainted, the hot water pump is mostly installed, and the step up to the front porch is done and stained!

See, it makes us happy...
Today, Matt and I went back for the final coat--here's Matt just before sanding the floor. We definitely got better--or else we did a better job of estimating how long things will take: the last coast took less time than we figured.

This is a new phenomenon for us.
The floor is looking great, and we look forward to it getting nice and hard before next weekend, when we'll return for more fun!

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