Saturday, December 05, 2009

flooring it

Matt and I spent the night in Julian yesterday; this Saturday, we didn't awake to new snow.

We made good progress on the flooring. Our hope was to finish, but our desire to do things well got in the way of that. See, we installed flooring up to the point where the floor in the kitchen meets up again with the floor in the big room; the boards were about 3/16ths of an inch off from each other.
So, we decided to do it right, with the help of a router. And either router we might use, of course, was down the hill...
In the meantime, we did some little jobs--sealing the granite tile and the backsplash in the kitchen, finishing up little duct box over the microwave, sealing and caulking the upstairs shower, and hanging the first stairway handrail.

It's nice to cross these little things off the list, but also feels like every one we do reveals 2 more: the toilet needed a different wax seal, there's more patching and painting to do in the stairway and upstairs bath now, the shower spigot needs a different fitting...

Even so, it feels wonderfully closer to done than it's ever been.

I think we'll go up again next Friday after Matt's morning class, and finish laying that floor.

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