Tuesday, July 21, 2009

finished touches

We haven't posted any updates here for a while, but not because we haven't been working...

Though we did all take a bit of time away from the project to celebrate Emily's marriage to Matt R. at the end of June, even the newlyweds have been back on the job this month, working with Dad in his garage workshop, building kitchen cabinets.
The base cabinets are coming together, thanks to Dad's good, hard work!
Matt and I have been up in Julian, too. We installed tile in the entryway/laundry room/bathroom. Since Nona says she's not coming up until there's a bathroom in the house, we figured we'd better get on it. Matt's planning to install the toilet tomorrow morning.
And, while speaking of Matt's work, I figured it was time to show off the project that took hours and days of his time earlier this summer: the loft railing, built from oak that used to live on the property. Now finished and glorious.

Matt caught me working at laying tile in the upstairs bathroom, too; I figured it'd be fun to just keep installing tile... Since we tiled more than we'd originally planned in the downstairs area, we picked up just enough tile from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to do the little upstairs area.
And, while I laid tile, Matt worked towards painting the last wall. If we hadn't run out of paint, it'd be done now, but that didn't happen. So, hopefully, tomorrow, it'll be all painted.
It was satisfying to take down masking tape and paper in the upstairs bedrooms today--things are looking good.

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Lea M. Booth said...

Dudes! That railing looks amazing!