Saturday, May 02, 2009

a new tool

Humoring my desire to find a way to mill the pieces of tree we've had to cut down on the property, Matt tried a new tool today: a chainsaw mill.  With all safety mechanisms in place (note the protective chaps, mask, glasses and earplugs), he made it work, and now we have something more like lumber.
Here we are hauling our score for the day.  Now it's at Dad's house, waiting for further milling.  Our plan is to make it into the balusters for the railing along the balcony edge.    It wasn't nearly as bad as we'd imagined it might be; but then, I wasn't really doing the sawing, so maybe you should ask Matt.  ;)
Meanwhile, the ceiling work inside is progressing, too--a couple more days and it should be done.  A pile of lumber for the back deck is waiting by the house, too!   Oh, I can almost taste that root beer float I'm gonna drink back there...

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feminist_mom said...

i am ready for that root beer and staring at the gorgeous ceiling and new ballisters! love, mom