Friday, April 03, 2009

inspected and approved (finally)

We had a first inspection of our electrical work and framing last week.  We learned that the stairs were too narrow.  Which was not really a fun thing to learn.

So, on Monday, Dad, Matt and I got to work at tearing them out, to rebuild them.  You can tell by these faces that it wasn't that much fun:
The stairs have been awfully good to us, and were well-built.  It was frustrating to tear them out.
But, we got quickly to work rebuilding them.  They had to be flipped around to make space, as the beams constrained us in the previous layout.  I think I kinda like the new design, though.  Check it out, as Matt cleans up before the inspector's visit on Wednesday:
We finished framing everything about 15 minutes before the inspector drove up.  He checked it out, and we passed.  Which, as you can see, made our faces look much brighter!

Now, we've hired the insulation and drywall to be done, so we're eagerly anticipating a house with finished walls!


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