Friday, October 05, 2007


Today, the Dixieline truck delivered the ridge beam for the house. It's really long. And large.

Lest the story of our day seem stressful, I thought I'd start with this picture of triumph: Matt and Dad standing with their successfully off-loaded beam, in a location that will not block the crane we hope will arrive to set it in place.
We arrived just after the delivery truck. The whole reason for our early departure was so that wouldn't happen. (But I'm just not good at mornings...) Luckily, the big, long beam was still on the truck. There were negotiations about where and how to drop it. Proposal one was to aim it downhill, out the way of the street. The wise delivery man nixed that plan. "There's no way I'm gonna let that thing go down hill!" he said.
A second plan seemed better: lay it next to the old, burned electrical pole, out of the way of the crane's perch and out of the street. I continue to be impressed with Dixieline truck maneuverings. Today was no disappointment...
even if the final solution was to just heave the beam off the side of the truck. Here it is mid-fall. Dad's watching carefully, though I'm not really sure what he could have done if it had all gone wrong. ;)
Here's more careful supervision of Matt's activities, as Matt trims the ends of some other beams to the right angle and length. With a chainsaw. We're thinking that if this Mechanical Engineering thing doesn't work out, chainsaw sculptures of little bears could be a real possibility. Such precision.
And, speaking of precision, I thought we should show off Dad's impressive pile of carefully-built walls. They're stacked in the house, waiting for the crane.
Don't they look great?!?!

Now, we just need to arrange for the crane. October 20 is our target date. Anyone want to come for the fun?

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