Saturday, June 30, 2007

rejoice: joists!

Yesterday, Matt, Phil, Dad and I did some ground work, so that today we could build a floor. Today, the joists are all in place (for which we rejoice...)!

Here's where things were when we started today. You'll notice the presence of some good people who made the day better: thanks for your help, Josh, Vanessa, Brandon and Stephanie (even if you're not in THIS picture...)!!With the sill plates and anchor bolts all in their places, we carried the big, beautiful beams that'll support the floor into place. It took a whole lot of us. And, we're grateful for Nona's neighbor, Gary, who built the *spectacular* hangers that hold them.
Vanessa got good at drilling. Dad helped make sure things were in the right places.

Matt told us what to do. Or, tried to. When you're losing your voice, it's hard. Here he is as he pauses for a moment of reflection (or strategy? exhaustion?).And, finally, here are things as they lined up toward the end of the day. Aren't they lovely?!?!

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Nice work.