Monday, March 12, 2007

march madness?

It's time for another work day party! And, wouldn't St. Patrick's Day be a splendid day to try your luck at a lovely building project?!?

Let us know if you can join us--we'll be working on Saturday, and we'd be grateful for your help. Our fun tasks include putting siding on the garage and finishing the forms for the house's foundation. (I like the way "finishing" looks in blog-print.)

It seems a bit surreal, given today's temperature in San Diego, to imagine that there was snow on the ground in Julian just 2 weekends ago. But, then, I had trouble imagining there'd be snow that day; I lost a bet with Matt about snow cover. He said there'd be at least one square foot of intact snow. He picked this as his favorite square foot to show me.We accepted a fabulous load of materials--lumber for the house floor, plywood for the rest of the foundation forms, and more.
But, our biggest excitement was when Matt shot this nail into his hand. The clinic gave him an impressive-looking bandage. Happily, the damage was very minor. You can see the relief on his face... (My disappointment, of course, was that he pulled the nail out long before his x-rays, so we have no cool pics of the nail-in-hand to upload.) Nail guns are serious business.
We worked at preparing everything for the final big concrete pour, including another clean-out of the *evil* deck support post holes. I hope to never climb into them again, and like to believe that's not an unrealistic hope. :)

Emily and Phil had fun (as you can see) building frames to hold the tubes that will become support pillars for the house foundation. And, Dad, Phil and Jay put the big pieces of the big concrete form in place. Now, it won't be long 'til we're ready to pour concrete and fill up these holes!

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