Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a slab! really!

Last Thursday, July 6, Matt, Phil & Dad met with some fabulous concrete pumpers and finishers to *finally* pour the garage slab.

And, not meaning to insult the strength of the above-mentioned family members, we were very grateful for the presence of the finishers! Turns out, I've learned this year, concrete's really heavy, and screeding isn't really as much fun as the sound of its name might suggest...

But, doesn't the slab look glorious!?!

After their triumph, Dad quickly got to work cutting down tall weeds in the back.

Matt and Phil spent the rest of the weekend laying more blocks on the house foundation.

The walls continue to grow, as does the smoothness of their block-laying technique.

(And I even got in on a very little bit of the work, Sunday afternoon...)

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